7 Steps to Spiritual Success

God wants every Christian to be a spiritual success. In the second epistle of Peter, God lays out the steps we have to follow in order to succeed in the Christian life. Join Pastor Bachman as he journeys through these seven steps and explores what each Christian needs to “add to” their Christian life next. This series will show you where you are spiritually and what step you need to take to acquire the next level of spiritual growth in your life. Learn how to reach new heights in your Christianity as you climb God’s steps to spiritual success.
Add to Your Faith Virtue
Add to Your Virtue Knowledge
Add to Your Knowledge Temperance
Add to Your Temperance Patience
Add to Your Patience Godliness
Add to Your Godliness Brotherly Kindness
Add to Your Brotherly Kindness Charity
$15.00 – 7 Message Series

America, Don’t Forget God!

We live in the greatest nation on the earth. We respect and honor our forefathers and the thousands of men and women who have fought, bled, and died to earn and to preserve our freedom. But the true secret of our nation’s greatness is found solely in the blessings of God. The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” We are living on borrowed blessings from those that have gone before us. Unfortunately, this generation is seeming to forget that. The Bible also says that He will turn the wicked into Hell and all the nations that forget God. If America will have any favor of God for our future generations, it will be based on if we today as Americans – and more specifically, Christians – honor, worship, praise, and obey the one and only God of Heaven. In this powerful and patriotic message, Pastor Bachman passionately pleads with today’s Christians, “Please, America, don’t forget God!”
$5.00 – 1 Message

Biblical Leadership Packet

Who is a leader? What is leadership? More importantly, what does God have to say about leadership? In today’s “dog-eat-dog” world, we find a dire need for true, biblical leadership. Oft times, the lack of leadership finds its root in the fact that true biblical leadership skills have never been taught or observed. In this multi-lesson series, Pastor Bachman will take you on an extensive study of the many leadership qualifications, principles, and attributes found in the Word of God. These then are practically illustrated and applied so that they can be immediately implemented in your life, home, marriage, child-rearing, work place, and ministry. With over 30 Bible study lessons, you will find a wealth of practical information that will be invaluable to establishing and maintaining the manner of leadership that both honors and pleases our Saviour and produces true success in the life of your followers.
$20.00 – 31 Lessons on MP3 and Syllabus
$5.00 – 57 page Syllabus

Foundations for the Christian Home Packet

The Bible says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Our country is in dismal shape. The reason society is like it is lies within the lack of strength in our homes. Many biblical foundations of the home have been neglected, and as our homes have deteriorated, so has our nation. In this one-year series of Wednesday night lessons taught by Pastor Bachman, he encourages us to lay again the foundations of the Christian home as found in the Word of God. These principles can once again make our families and our nation rock solid.
$25.00 – 50 Lessons on MP3 and Syllabus
$5.00 – 75 page Syllabus

How to Defeat Depression

Depression is a natural occurrence as a result of the heaviness of life pressing down upon us. However, just because it is natural does not mean it is right. The Bible says that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, and peace. It says that God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Once again, God’s Word has the answers for how to defeat depression in our lives. The goal is not just to survive depression, but to have the victory over it. In this series you will learn both how to press back against the pressures of life and how to alleviate some of the self-inflicted load. Learn what to do when you are pressed down, heavy laden, in despair, falling beneath the load, and too weak to go on. Join Pastor Bachman as he walks you through the Biblical and practical tools God has given you to combat and conquer depression in your life.
$10.00 – 4 Message Series

How to Improve Your Record

If you opened the sports page and there was your record listed for the week, how would you be doing? How many wins and how many losses have you had? Not in football, basketball, or baseball, but in life. In this 4-message series, Pastor Bachman shows from the Bible what it takes to improve your record. This practical, and yet convicting, preaching can help you turn your “season” around!
$10.00 – 4 Message Series

Preaching on Soulwinning

What is more urgent for the Christian than keeping people out of Hell? The devil fights few things as intensely as our desire for winning souls to Christ. These four messages are sure to help keep you more “Hell-conscious” and to help keep your fire burning for winning the lost!
A Watchman or a Wall-Sitter?
The Fears of Man in Hell
For 10’s Sake
How Far for a Soul?
$10.00 – 4 Message Series

Spiritual Warfare

Every child of God is at war. The Word of God plainly tells us that we wrestle against the forces of Satan and that he is trying to destroy us. In this series of 7 messages, Pastor Bachman describes the ways the devil attacks us. He describes how to recognize a spiritual battle. He shows from the Word of God the spiritual weapons God has provided for resisting the devil as well as the spiritual armor God has given us for our defense. Last of all, he tells how to tear down spiritual strongholds, deal with generational sins, and cleanse your heart, head, and home. In your spiritual warfare against Satan, you are guaranteed to lose if you don’t fight or if you fight with carnal weapons. You also are guaranteed to win if you fight according to God’s plan. Prepare for the Spiritual Warfare!
Neither Give Place to the Devil (I, II, and III)
Attributes of Satanic Influence
Spiritual Weapons
Spiritual Armor and Defense
Strongholds, Generational Sins, and Cleansing
$15.00 – 7 Message Series

The Key of Faith

The Bible says that God has given to every man the measure of faith. This 4-message series explores all that is available to each person if they will use the faith like God intended. Hear Pastor Bachman explain the 10 doors that can only be opened by using the “Key of Faith”. God has given you your key. Are you using it?
$10.00 – 4 Message Series

The Lost Doctrine of Fasting

In a world of instant gratification and materialistic fulfillment, the doctrine of biblical fasting seems lost, even to those in the pew. When, if ever, was the last time that you heard an entire sermon on fasting? Deemed important enough by God to be mentioned 77 times in Scripture, fasting remains a crucial tool in the victorious Christian’s toolbox. Many individuals, however, find the understanding and practical application of this doctrine a mystery. Join Pastor Bachman as he unveils what God’s Word says about this essential truth, and obtain a clearer understanding of the spiritual as well as the physical benefits of fasting. In this 3-message series, biblical principle and practical application intertwine to equip you with the knowledge and “know-how” of this vital and significantly powerful resource.
$7.00 – 3 Message Series

What to Do with Your Heart

Very few things are more valuable than your heart. When you put your heart into something, you are doing it with all you have. God has much to say about what to do with your heart. Though God gave you a free will with which to choose, He also gave clear direction in the Bible that, if followed, will bring you success and happiness. Now the question is, “What will you do with your heart?”
$10.00 – 4 Message Series

Your Life is a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie! But can you imagine having to eat each ingredient individually? Certainly most of them do not taste very good; however, the end result, when all mixed together, is delicious. Not only is this true with most foods, it is also true in life. God did not promise that all things that come into your life will be good and enjoyable. What He did promise is that all things would “work together for good”. Pastor Bachman brings home this practical life truth from Romans 8:28 in a most unforgettable way!
$5.00 – 1 Message