Sunday School

At Calvary Baptist Church we have numerous classes making sure there is a place for everyone to be taught the Word of God. We have a nursery department providing experienced care for newborn babies up through two years old. We have a Primary Department for children ages 3-5 where they are taught Bible stories, songs, verses, and do activities. We have fully graded Sunday school classes for children 1st – 6th grades in our Junior Department. Teenagers also have their own graded classes in the Teen Department. We also provide several adult class opportunities for singles, couples, men, ladies, and Senior Saints. This gives good opportunity for every person of every age to learn the Word of God in a setting with people their own age and in a way and about subjects applicable to them. Our Sunday school department also allows you to get to know a group of people in a smaller setting and enjoy activities and fellowship with them. Join us at 10:00 each Sunday to study and learn God’s Word and choose a class that’s right for you!

Bus Ministry

For many years Calvary Baptist Church has run busses around town picking up children, teenagers, and adults for church every Sunday morning. This continues to be an important ministry of our church providing transportation and opportunity to attend church for many that would not or could not do so without our busses. There is no charge for this transportation. Though we cannot go to every part of town, our busses travel many miles every Sunday to the areas surrounding our church bringing folks to Sunday school and our morning services. We now have young people that ride our busses every week whose parents used to ride our busses when they were children. Our faithful staff of bus workers visits weekly checking to see who will be riding and then leave early Sunday morning to pick up the riders and return them home in the afternoon. If you would like to inquire about a bus picking you up for church, please contact our church office and our bus director will let you know if we have a route in your area.

Children Ministries

Calvary Baptist offers several other activities and functions for our children’s department in addition to our Sunday school program. We have Primary Church and Junior Church during the morning service. This gives us the opportunity to teach things to young people pertinent to them. Our dedicated children’s workers teach the young people songs, verses, Bible stories, and character lessons. They have skits, activities, and contests. Your young people will love the 11:00 hour Primary Church and Junior Church. In addition, we provide weekly Bible study sheets for the children that they fill out each day and bring back to Sunday school the next week. These sheets allow them to do daily Bible reading, learn a weekly memory verse, and do a Bible fun activity section. We also have a Children’s choir that meets weekly and sings regularly in church. Other activities include Jr. Camp, Vacation Bible School, Super Church, Children’s Revivals, pinewood derbies, and special Sundays. Calvary Baptist loves children and children love coming to Calvary Baptist!

Teen Department

Our youth department is also very active at Calvary. Besides their own separate Sunday school classes, we provide many other opportunities for young people to be involved. Regular youth activities, Teen Camp, annual youth rallies, conferences, missions’ trips, teen choir, SWAT, car washes, banquets, and many other functions keep our teenagers actively involved and busy for the Lord. Not only do we have a full-time youth pastor, but several adult youth workers volunteer their time each week to help teach, invest in, and train the teens that attend Calvary Baptist Church. If teenagers aren’t given opportunities to stay busy doing something right, they will often fill their time and lives finding things to do that are wrong. Our goal is not just to keep them busy and off the streets, but also to teach and train them for life and for Christian living. Get your young person involved in participating for Christ, not just observing others doing it.


Getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost is something we take seriously at Calvary Baptist. We do not stop at just talking about it, preaching about it, and praying about it. We actually do it! We train our people how to effectively share the gospel with people and encourage them to do it regularly. We constantly should be on the lookout for opportunities to tell others personally about Christ. However, we also provide times for people to join together and go out into the community knocking doors and winning souls. We have teams of people that go out on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for the sole purpose of the purpose of souls. We take the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel as a personal command. We believe that a part of that world is our neighborhood, our community, and our city. Winning souls is our duty, our command, and our privilege.

Music Ministry

Music is a vital and important part of the Christian life. God designed music to be used to give Him praise, strengthen and edify the saints, lift our spirits, and unite believers. Our church has many different music groups, choirs, ensembles, and programs. From the children, to the teens, to the adults, we want our people involved in singing. The adult choir, special music groups, and soloists provide special numbers for each of our Sunday services. Our music is uplifting, exciting, and soul-stirring. It is also conservative, Christ-honoring and designed to speak to the spirit, not stir the flesh. There is something refreshing, rejuvenating, and righteous about good music that does not sound like the world’s music with Jesus’ name added to it. We believe that our music ministry will be a blessing to those who listen and those who sing. But most of all, we strive for it to be glorifying and pleasing to God.

Prayer Groups

Nothing is more vital to our individual or corporate success than being faithful on our knees. We teach and preach the importance of personal and private prayer for each believer. Additionally, we have regularly scheduled staff prayer meetings, teen prayer meetings, men’s prayer meetings, ladies’ prayer meetings, and church-wide prayer meeting for our people to give prayer requests, share blessings and answers to prayer, and join in small groups to pray one for another. We also take time in Sunday school classes, meetings, and Wednesday nights to share requests and pray together. God said that His house should be called a “house of prayer.” At Calvary Baptist Church we work hard to make it and to keep it that in name and practice!

World-Wide Missions

As mentioned earlier, God has commanded us to get the gospel to the entire world. That is certainly a larger task than we can do single-handedly. Our people faithfully give money that we send to missionaries across the world to help support their efforts of winning souls, planting churches, teaching Christians the Word of God, and training them to win souls as well. This allows us to multiply our effort, time, and finances allowing us to get the gospel to places and people we could never personally reach. Not only through financial support but through prayers, emails, letters, care packages, and missions’ trips we seek to encourage, support, and help nearly 40 missionaries across the world getting the gospel to every creature.