SWAT Training Manual

This leader’s manual describes the complete SWAT program in detail. It gives the philosophy of the program; the step by step instructions on how to set up your own S.W.A.T. program in your church; testimonies of teenagers, parents, your pastors, pastors, and people in the community who have all been influenced by SWAT; descriptions of the individual incentive program and team competitions; an outline of the training program; information on financing the program; ideas on follow-up; information on SWAT International; listing of awards and ranking requirements; 17 pages of sample and master forms and records that you can remove from the manual and copy for yourself; a listing of all available SWAT products, order information and more! This easy to follow manual will give you all the information you need to get your SWAT program started today!

$15.00 – ML101


SWAT Training CD

This CD album covers the nine week training course as taught by Pastor Jack Bachman. It include lessons entitled “The Great Commission,” “The Question,” “Everyone’s a Sinner,” “The Price on Sin,” “Jesus Paid the Price,” “You Must Make a Choice,” “Eternal Security,” “Public Profession,” and “More Effective Soulwinning.” Hear the instructions, illustrations, tips, training, and pointers that took a group of teenagers from 200 converts to over 1,700 in one year. This training CD can be used to train your teenagers in the original training sessions as you start your program, or can be used as a reference for the youth pastor as he trains his young people to become great soulwinners. These CDs are also used as new teens join your SWAT program so that they can receive the same training as the other teens without you having to re-teach all nine weeks of lessons.

$15.00 – TCD102


SWAT Training Workbook

These workbooks are used as the teens receive their 9 week training course, either in the initial training sessions or by listening to the training CDs when joining at a later date. They provide a place for them to follow along taking notes, write their memory verses, practice their illustrations, and write down questions or problems about which to ask. This ensures that they are actually learning the material and provides a reference to go back to at a later date for review.

$2.00 – WKB103



Official SWAT ID cards professionally produced and laminated. Teens love to belong to something and feel important when they can carry an ID. These cards are individually personalized with their name, rank, issue date, unit, and official ID number. Each time that they are awarded a new ranking, they may receive a new SWAT ID card with the updated information.

$2.00 – ID104


SWAT Soul Winning Card

This is a great, convenient and confidence-building tool. The soulwinning card contains the main points and verses to the plan of salvation, eternal security, and public profession. This easy-to-read and follow printing is done in full color on a cardstock paper and then laminated to be weather proof, durable, and sharp. Finished product is about 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ to easily fit in your pocket, purse, or New Testament.

$2.00 – SC105


SWAT Corporal’s Hat

As teenagers earn the Corporal ranking, they may earn a one-size-fits-all, black ball cap with the SWAT logo professionally embroidered with raised lettering on the front. The SWAT wording is also found on the back and in the sandwich bill. These hats are made of a high quality cotton blend.

$10.00 – HT106


SWAT Sergeant’s Polo Shirt

As teenagers earn the Sergeant ranking, they may earn a black polo shirt with the SWAT logo professionally embroidered on the front, left chest. These shirts are a good quality, preshrunk cotton with wood-tone buttons. They are available in both Men’s and Ladies’ styles. They come in the following sizes: Men’s sizes…Small – 2XL, and Ladies’ sizes…Small – XL. Please specify style and size when ordering.

$20.00 – PSM107 (Men’s) $20.00 – PSL108 (Ladies’)


SWAT Commander’s Oxford Dress Shirt

A youth pastor (or whomever is leading your SWAT program), as Commander of his SWAT team, may order a long-sleeved, button-down collared, white, oxford dress shirt that is embroidered with the word “COMMANDER” underneath the SWAT logo embroidering on the front, left chest. These shirts are a good quality, cotton blend with white buttons. They come in the following sizes: Men’s sizes…14 1/2 – 18 1/2.

$25.00 – CMO109


SWAT Lieutenant’s Fleece Pull-Over

As teenagers earn the Lieutenant ranking, they may earn a black, fleece pull-over with the SWAT logo professionally embroidered on the front, left chest. These pull-overs are a high quality, fleece material with a short zipper and stand-up collar. They come in sizes Small – 4XL.

$35.00 – FL110


SWAT Lieutenant’s Duffle Bag

As teenagers earn the Lieutenant ranking, they may choose between the above listed fleece pull-over or a nice, large-sized gym bag. This bag has a shoulder strap, large U-shaped zipper compartment, and a separate “wet pocket.” It comes in black with the official SWAT logo professionally embroidered on it.

$35.00 – DB111


SWAT Captain’s Windbreaker Jacket

As teenagers earn the Captain ranking, they may earn a black, nylon, mesh-lined windbreaker with zippered pockets and concealable hood with the SWAT logo professionally embroidered on the front, left chest. These jackets are a high quality material with a nylon zipper and two outer pockets. They come in sizes Small – 4XL.

$50.00 – WB112


SWAT Captain’s Jacket

As teenagers earn the Captain ranking, they may also choose a black, fleece-lined jacket with the SWAT logo professionally embroidered on the front, left chest. These jackets are a high quality material with a nylon zipper and two outer pockets. These coats are very warm and suitable for colder climates. They come in sizes Small – 3XL.

$55.00 – JK113


SWAT Captain Packs

For each year that a teenager repeats the ranking of Captain, they are awarded a Captain’s pack. These packs consist of an official SWAT certificate personalized with their name and signed by the Director of SWAT Youth Ministries and by their youth pastor, and a trophy engraved with their name and new rank. Each repetitive year the trophy they receive is larger as their number of stars increase. If someone were to achieve the ranking of Captain their 7th grade year and continue repeating this ranking until they graduated, they would end up as a 5 Star Captain.

Repeat Captain rank 1 time = 1 Star Captain pack (with 6” trophy) $10.00 – C1P114
Repeat Captain rank 2 times = 2 Star Captain pack (with 9” trophy) $12.00 – C2P115
Repeat Captain rank 3 times = 3 Star Captain pack (with 10” trophy) $14.00 – C3P116
Repeat Captain rank 4 times = 4 Star Captain pack (with 11” trophy) $16.00 – C4P117
Repeat Captain rank 5 times = 5 Star Captain pack (with 12” trophy) $18.00 – C5P118


SWAT Traveling Trophy

Each week a unit (e.g. Bomb Squad or Sharp Shooters) wins this trophy for the week based on their total team points. This trophy is “up for grabs” each week and becomes a real team incentive piece. The trophy is professionally made bearing the official SWAT logo and engraved with the words “Traveling Trophy”. This trophy is available in two different sizes and will be used for years.

The 2 tier Traveling Trophy (23” tall) $35.00 – T2T119
The 3 tier Traveling Trophy (31” tall) $35.00 – T2T130


SWAT Member of the Year Plaque

Every year the youth pastor (or whomever is leading your SWAT program) will choose one person that they feel was the “SWAT Member of the Year”. This person had a good number of converts, was faithful to soulwinning, was faithful in their dues, and encouraged and helped other members throughout the year. That person receives this nice, shield-shaped plaque with the words “SWAT Member of the Year”, their name, and the year they won engraved on it.

$25.00 – SMY121


SWAT Plaque

The winner each year of the “SWAT Member of the Year” award has their name placed on this plaque to be displayed in a prominent place. The plaque can hold up to 12 years worth of winners. Each year, the year and name of that year’s recipient is added to the plaque.

$30.00 – PL122


SWAT Forms Program CD

All the forms given in the SWAT Manual and used in the program for record keeping and paperwork are on this already formatted CD. Forms are formatted in MSOffice and are ready to use. Formulas are already programmed to automatically figure points, team point totals, dues totals, convert counts, etc.

$5.00 – FCD123



This durable, rugged, plastic box easily holds 750 tracts to keep them from becoming bent or damaged. The box also includes hanging file folders that hang in the box for maps, forms, and attendance sheets. Also included, is a small file box to hold convert slips, follow-up slips, and blank 3×5’s. The box bears the official SWAT logo. The SWAT Box has a sturdy, fold-down handle and a strong, clasp-locking lid.

$20.00 – SB124